Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince

This is a link to my 1970 edition of Le Petit Prince, with an English glossary at the end.

    Le petit prince

used to be de rigeur in French courses up to the 1980s. I believe it’s a bit philosophical and abstract for today’s students. Am I right? I read it in english, French, German.


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I always welcome comments on my blogs. I would be interested in knowing if certain types of books are readable or helpful.


nom masculin
(ancien français laiserde, du latin lacertus)
Petit reptile diurne, insectivore, ayant des paupières mobiles et une queue pouvant se couper, et courant rapidement avec le ventre au contact du support.
Peau tannée de cet animal. (Les peausseries « lézard » sont fournies par les espèces tropicales de grande taille [iguanes, tégus, varans].)
Familier. Difficulté imprévue, problème.

Nathalie Sarraute: Tropismes

Tropismes was one of those books I was supposed to have read in graduate school (but didn’t ). Instead read planétarium. However I can’t ever remember acquiring this text… But there it was on my shelf, all yellowed and marked up. It reads like a being from another era, really. Retro- avantgarde… Nothing ages like futuristic writing. I do have a certain affinity for the precursors of the nouveau roman.

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