Sartre, Les Mots. An autobiography

This book was first introduced to me by René Girard, as being one of the better autobiographies in the modern era. A bit unconventional, it treats Sartre’s first steps in literature as well as his childhood living with an overbearing grandfather.

Suivez la piste audio is available on my tumblr blog

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Suivez la piste audio is available on my tumblr blog:

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La Francophonie de A à Z

francophonie-A-a-Z by Green Gorilla
francophonie-A-a-Z, a photo by Green Gorilla on Flickr.

This is a French government publication dating to 1990. It’s a catalog of 135 key words on the subject. A tad outdated, but very useful none the less.

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Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince

This is a link to my 1970 edition of Le Petit Prince, with an English glossary at the end.

    Le petit prince

used to be de rigeur in French courses up to the 1980s. I believe it’s a bit philosophical and abstract for today’s students. Am I right? I read it in english, French, German.


Paris Was Yesterday

Screenshot by Green Gorilla
Screenshot, a photo by Green Gorilla on Flickr.

Janet Flanner was the Paris correspondent for the New Yorker Magazine for many years. this is an anthology of her earliest writings. It’s a goldmine!

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nom masculin
(ancien français laiserde, du latin lacertus)
Petit reptile diurne, insectivore, ayant des paupières mobiles et une queue pouvant se couper, et courant rapidement avec le ventre au contact du support.
Peau tannée de cet animal. (Les peausseries « lézard » sont fournies par les espèces tropicales de grande taille [iguanes, tégus, varans].)
Familier. Difficulté imprévue, problème.