Nathalie Sarraute: Tropismes

Tropismes was one of those books I was supposed to have read in graduate school (but didn’t ). Instead read planétarium. However I can’t ever remember acquiring this text… But there it was on my shelf, all yellowed and marked up. It reads like a being from another era, really. Retro- avantgarde… Nothing ages like futuristic writing. I do have a certain affinity for the precursors of the nouveau roman.

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Sempé – Livre du Jour

sempe-complique by Green Gorilla
sempe-complique, a photo by Green Gorilla on Flickr.

This is the cover of Sempé’s Tout se complique, first published in 1962. Today’s Livre du jour. (soon available on Franceinfo)

Editeur : EDITIONS FOLIO N°213; Édition : EDITIONS FOLIO N°213 (1 janvier 1972)